Suburban ... what is not the center, which is outside.

Places or not place? Blank spaces or live? Urban planning or coincidence?

But still the place to live, to feel "at home" for so many people.

Suburban look for landmarks, look for identity places. But can we find an identity in the outskirts of our city in Veneto? What we have to consider like landmarks?

A research for images on the outskirts of my city, in the light of dusk. Not a story, not a documentary, but a search on the spaces, shapes, volumes.


suburbia 21
suburbia 5
suburbia 1
suburbia 2
suburbia 3
suburbia 4
suburbia 6
suburbia 8
suburbia 9
suburbia 10
suburbia 11
suburbia 12
suburbia 19
suburbia 15
suburbia 16
suburbia 13
suburbia 17
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